dcsimg Purchasing Covestro’s Products

Purchasing Covestro’s products

Covestro provides various options to handle and support your purchasing process. We offer supply chain solutions to optimize the purchasing processes across the boundaries of the companies involved. With this broader view on process optimization in the transactional processes beyond our own operations we are supporting our customers’ requirements for highly efficient and reliable business operations.

Efficient supply chain solutions

Our regional Supply Chain Centers (SCCs) in

  • Leverkusen/Germany plus an office in, Dubai for Europe, Middle East and Africa,
  • Sao Paulo/Brazil for Latin America, Pittsburgh, PA/USA and Mexico City for the NAFTA markets, and
  • Mumbai/India, Bangkok/Thailand plus, in China, Shanghai and Hong Kong for the region Asia Pacific.

cover supply chain functions such as order management, logistics, production planning (where applicable) and credit management. The customer service representatives in the SCCs know the purchasing requirements of their customers well and assist them with their orders as well as any other service requirements or related questions.

Online solutions

Covestro offers a full portfolio of electronic data exchange options for our customers, suppliers, and third-party service providers.

Available to all customers is our web portal Order@Covestro, where orders can be placed, tracked, and personalized with our intuitive online interface. Through Order@Covestro, you can easily access all details of your order and utilize our customer support to assist in any exceptional circumstances.

If you are looking for more integrated business-to-business (B2B) connections, we offer EDI, Elemica® and Crossgate® solutions for purchase orders, order acknowledgements, invoicing, and other transactions.

Contact us if you have questions regarding purchasing from us or about our eBusiness solutions.

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