dcsimg Handling Products

Safe Handling and Compliance with Global Regulations

Covestro’s products can be handled safely when the technical and safety related instructions are followed.

Product Safety First

Everyone who comes in contact with our products at any time should be sure that they will not cause negative effects on their health or the environment throughout the life cycle of those products. Therefore, we take great care that the knowledge about the safe handling of our products is easily obtainable and understandable. For all details on the safe handling of our products please visit our Product Stewardship pages.

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets are an important information source for handling Covestro's products safely. For SDS service, please follow the link to our Safety Data Sheets page.

Product Statements

In many countries or regions the use and the trading of chemicals have been regulated by specific legislation. REACH in Europe or TSCA in the USA are prominent examples. Relevant product statements can be accessed here.

Management Certificates

Covestro has obtained major quality, environmental protection, energy management and occupational safety certificates which are accessible here.

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