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An essential role in daily life

PU in textiles: Bringing magic to material

Polyurethane (PU) coatings play an essential role in transforming many of the fabrics that surround our lives. Applied in thin layers, they bring functionality to the material used in outdoorwear and provide a pleasing touch to denim jeans while protecting color effects. In thicker layers, PU coatings are the key to high quality synthetic materials that are used widely in footwear uppers, garments and accessories, furniture and car upholstery. Multi-talented PU brings remarkable appeal and comfort through its incredible combination of softness and durability.

Re-Imagine your inspiration

Changing demands

Not only must these coated fabrics fulfil their decorative and functional role in diverse applications: increasingly they should also be manufactured using chemistry and processes that are state-of-the-art with respect to impact on people and the environment.

Your ingredient for success: high-tech waterborne PU textile coatings

Our high-tech waterborne polyurethane technology for textile coatings is essential to enabling greater material sustainability in PU coated fabrics. It enables their manufacture entirely without solvents and with higher resource efficiency – making an important contribution to industry sustainability as a whole.

Extraordinary creativity, deep expertise – from the inventors of polyurethane

As the inventor of polyurethane chemistry, formerly known under the brand Bayer MaterialScience, Covestro has the polymer expertise and textile industry know-how necessary to enable us to collaborate with industry players and help them set themselves apart from the competition by moving the needle on innovation.


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