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Covestro has applied its pioneering expertise in polyurethanes to develop tailor-made polyurethane solutions that have been used for many years in medical device applications.
Our first-class portfolio of polyurethane products is backed by superior service and assistance for customers in technical data, process guidelines as well as trials at our foam pilot line.
We constantly strive to expand our product portfolio through innovation…


With the Baymedix® brand, Covestro offers specially designed and controlled raw materials for use in medical applications, focusing on advanced wound care.
Exemplary applications cover skin-friendly adhesives, highly absorbent  foams and waterborne coatings for stretchable and resistant backing films as well as seamless films for dipping applications.

Please visit our Coatings Product Center to explore our full product portfolio and get further information.

If our raw materials are used in medical devices, particularly when they come in direct contact with a patient’s body there are a number of considerations that need to be observed. In order to assist our customers with these requirements we have published a comprehensive document that states the preconditions for the use of our products in medical applications.

Download the "Guidance on use of Covestro’s Products in a Medical Application".

Also read the Article "Materialien für tragbare Medizingeräte und Wundauflagen" by devicemed.de (only in German).

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