dcsimg Polyurethane Specialties

Polyurethane Specialties

High-performance specialty products based on polyurethanes

As a leader in polyurethanes, Covestro leverages its deep technological know-how in polyurethane chemistry for the benefit of new fields of application:

In the cosmetic industry, the flexibility of Baycusan® polyurethanes offers great new properties for ingredients like film formers and sensory additives.

Waterborne polyurethane dispersions (e.g. Impranil®) offer new opportunities for the production of innovative texile coatings and PU leather.

Baymedix® polyurethanes give medicals foams, films and adhesives unique properties.

NDI-based polyurethanes under the brand name Vulkollan® are used in demanding polyurethane cast elastomer applications where abrasion resistance is very important. The system house Baulé SAS is a global leader in the development, formulation and processing of polyurethane cast elastomers.

Please contact Covestro for more information on cast elastomers.

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